Designing a space is one of the most enjoyable experiences I can think of. Each room offers up an opportunity to create an expression of yourself via various palettes and ideas. I wanted to create an online forum for others to not only share how they create unique spaces in the home, but also elsewhere and in the process create inspiration for design. But as someone that is on a budget herself, I also want to illustrate how to create different looks without breaking the bank. So in each scenario, I'll provide information regarding how something was created, and what kind of expenses we're dealing with. In each instance where I can, I will make sure to list items still available for in store purchases or online ordering. If they are no longer available, I'll do my best to find similar items for you to peruse. Similarly, if there is an item I've made that you enjoy but don't have time to make on your own, please inquire about sizing and rates HERE. Each post will be unique. We're going to explore not only spaces but also go into how-to's, step-by-step design processes and adventures in vintage shops, flea markets and environments that inspire. I'm particularly excited about our future guest bloggers who are willing to share their own experiences with not only interior and exterior design but also various art pieces that they make, and how they make them. I realized, however, that in order to do all of these things and actually compel people to come here that I'd have to put my money where my mouth is. So to kick us off, I've decided to share with you how I decorated my own apartment, which I love so much. To begin, let's start with what greets you at the door.


The front of the home is important, and in my apartment there isn't a lot of width. Utilizing the wall space therefore was critical. Mirrors and canvases are great for creating visuals and balancing wall space without getting in anyone's way. They also look quite nice together.

The mirror hanging in my hallway is my room splurge from Anthropologie. The copper base combined with the rope help create what I wanted to establish as a fairly rustic but fun household. I think I'm kind of rustic but fun, so I figured it was appropriate.

There are multiple kinds of canvases happening in the hallway. One is a decoupaged paper piece, another acrylic and a third is a wax drip on a spray painted base. All three though pick up common color palettes, and all three could theoretically also be said to have copper in them, bouncing off of the mirror.

Continuing down the hall, there are various touches that I thought went along with the theme. Over the bathroom door, a horseshoe from a flea market hangs upside down (it's never bad to have good luck in there) and on the right, an old hook I found at Pier One greets you as soon as you walk in the door. Towards the end of the hallway are 3 mercury glass ornaments I found in Restoration Hardware on sale in January. Mercury glass is a favorite! Get it anywhere you can. More on that in just a tic.

All are leading up to a set of Reindeer Antlers that I bought from a farm via Etsy where they were humanely harvested (they were collected after being shed by the deer). I hot glue gunned MOSS and synthetic flowers on them, and HORSESHOE HOOKS were super-glued on the back. They were then hung on the wall and provide the icing on a very eclectic but rustic entry!


HOOK Before traversing the entirety of the hallway, you pass a very important room. THE KITCHEN Featured Stores: ANTHROPOLOGIE, IKEA, TJ MAXX, WORLD MARKET, POTTERY BARN KIDS, TARGET, MICHAELS ARTS & CRAFTS and BED BATH AND BEYOND.

Our kitchen has a lot of light and old cabinets and fixtures so we had a lot of options in terms of what to play with. I started collecting things that had a more green/pastel appearance while finding the occasional item to make a color pop in different areas.

I decided fairly early on that I wanted to do something with the space between the two physical doors in the kitchen. I bought fiber glass and we screwed a 48"x36" piece to the wall. Then I made use of all of my mother's CORKS, put MOSS and flowers in there and created not just the centerpiece of the room but also the color palette for the rest of the items that would placed throughout.

​There are a lot of places to put small touches. I really like owls and am loving the current owl trend, so there are a number of those, whether they be hooks or pepper shakers. I also have an ELEPHANT CREAMER from Anthropologie. I'm actually lactose intolerant but he's become a planter for a succulent, so it works! More on succulents in a bit, trust me. There are also a lot of different colors coming together from a lot of different stores but they all have a similar or complimentary element to one another in some other area of the room so it balances out.

We don't have room in our kitchen for a massive wine rack, so I found this bone-colored one at TJ Maxx for under $10 and love it. Smaller, almost star-shaped wine racks are a really nice way to consolidate space without forfeiting your aesthetic.

Don't be afraid to throw different colors together. I have two cool colors below combined with two warms ones, and some may argue that they're too close to the same family in each case. I've actually found though that color begs for color. Put things next to each other before making any final decisions, you may surprise yourself.

So many owls, so little time. I love this salt and pepper shaker set from Target. Target is a fantastic place to find items that honestly your first instinct is to go to a higher end store to buy. But their home section is nothing to laugh about. Until you spend too much money there by accident and then all you can do is laugh. Otherwise you might cry. Similar to above, check out the color and pattern combos here. I love putting different looks together and seeing what happens. Don't limit yourself just because something doesn't match when seated directly next to another item. In the grand scheme of the room, they may look great together.