May 7, 2020

It's likely many of us may be making orders for plants online, and while I never want to rain on a seller's parade, plant buying can be a slippery slope. I've observed lately especially that there are price points happening for online sales that I personally feel are a bit ridiculous, and also discouraging to the average plant buyer. And knowing that this may be how we're accessing our houseplants for some time, what I'd like people to understand by the end of this is precisely when you've reached the point of absurdity in terms of plant prices. Some plants I may spend more money on, but for others I think it's a flat out crime to pay more than $30. I'll spend some time discussing what exactly you are paying for in instances above $50, and when I feel it's frankly not worth it.

I've selected several online stores that I think are solid that you can use as a good starting point to gauge what reasonable shopping looks like. Some are larger scale, some are smaller companies I think are o...

August 14, 2019

I've been bothering my good friend Tom to let us take a tour of his home, as I've always been a fan of his taste in decorating. Needless to say, he has finally given in! I'm so excited to share our conversation about the themes and aesthetics of his spaces, and how he combines different pieces to create a classic look with edges of both modernism and rustic touches...


DS: To kick things off here, what are three words you would use to describe the ideal personal space?

TM: Clean, comfortable, and bright.

DS: Can you tell us a bit about your own personal aesthetic? 

TM: I like a more modern look. I’ve always been a fan of simplicity, and I think I would prefer to live a more minimalist lifestyle if I had the discipline. I also wanted to make sure my house was designed for relaxation and that all of the spaces felt comfortable. 

DS: What were you looking at in terms of color palette when decorating your space?                


October 11, 2018

Of the many different ways that personality and feeling can be visually expressed, one that we haven't touched on yet on Design Spaces is that of Fashion. What we wear, why and when we wear it and for whom? I was recently fortunate enough to meet Emily High, a blogger and documenter of trends and shifts in the fashion world, and we got into an interesting discussion about the manner in which fashion permeates her explorations. She illustrates and narrates these experiences on her blog RIZZY-ROSE.

I felt like there was a lot to talk about as another blogger for everything visual, and am so happy she agreed to sit down and answer a few questions regarding not just what she's wearing, but how she finds meaning and thoughtfulness in its role in her life. 

DS: Tell us about your interest: What inspired you to begin documenting your experiences with fashion?

EH: My inspiration began over three years ago when I attended a Business of Fashion Camp at the University of Cin...

May 28, 2018

This past year has been a bit of a whirlwind for me personally, picking up and moving to New Jersey in a matter of weeks to take a new job. And anyone who knows me knows where I'm living and the way that it's designed is really important to me. I like to feel like I'm "home" so to speak. So it was really important to me over these past 9 months to create a space that I'd enjoy coming back to and hanging out in. The very first sign that things would settle in was the hanging of "The Bull".


The first "adult" purchase where I thought we were making progress was this white (!) Paez Sofa from Wayfair. Initially I thought this is nuts- it's white and I'm a klutz. But the outer covers all come off and can be washed and bleached if needed. I love it so much, and it's super comfortable! Visible in this shot as well is the Rug I purchased from Wayfair (big fan of them if you can't tell). Rugs set the vibe for a room, and everything else just falls into line based on its ae...

March 30, 2018

Blue Mosaic Pillow

Hannah Loomis, a designer and personal friend of mine recently launched what I think is a super cute, affordable store called Four Hens Design. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to sit down and speak with her about her process from idea to sketch to clothing layout. I've personally always been curious about the way that certain designs lay on specific pieces, and am just so excited we were able to discuss her method and also, where that super fun name came from!

DS: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into design?

HL: I’ve always been interested in design to some degree, probably the way lots of little girls are - I loved to draw beautiful dresses and imagine elaborate homes and magical places.  I spent a lot of time poring over home design and decoration books. I was a pretty dreamy kid, often in my own world. When I was about 10 years old I daydreamed about a fantasy bedroom which was an indoor forest, and my bed was a cave with the ma...

January 23, 2018

I. Komarovsky Chalk Art

I've been so excited to showcase the illustrations of Inna Komarovsky whom I've had the pleasure of working with while creating logo, branding and signage for Leaf Home Design. What I find so special about her is not simply her whimsical approach but also her uncanny ability to work with a very broad range of styles and clients, with very different needs and sometimes very different visual aesthetics. Clients have included Coolphabets, Boston Road Runners, Green Door Lab, RUNabout, Way Far Apparel, Interact Studios and Accelerate Learning among others. And Inna creates these designs without losing the elements that make her work unique, maintaining her innate style as a visual artist. She was nice enough to answer some of my burning questions about illustration and design, and also to share some of her work as well. 

I. Komarovsky for Leaf Home Design

DS: Can you tell us a bit about yourself as an artist? What you find yourself making, if you attended sch...

January 21, 2018

Photo: Talk With Me Game Design

Christine Lhowe is an art director, designer and educator with over a decade of experience in print and digital spaces. As Instructor of Art & Design at Seton Hall University, she teaches courses on typography as well as introductory and advanced graphic design. Christine is also Art Director at Ridge Marketing & Design and her work explores the intersection of functionality and emotion, creating experiences that connect people in a myriad of ways. Clients include but are not limited to Taiki Beauty, Carlson Hotels Worldwide, Tree of Life Productions, Focus for Health and many others. She recently sat down with us to provide her take on current industry trends, translating art into the classroom effectively, and who's doing impactful work in the field.

DS: How was it that you found yourself interested in this field? What about it keeps you feeling mentally "fresh" so to speak?

CL: I grew up loving to draw. I would walk around my house with a pi...

May 5, 2017

I was so thrilled to be able to sit down with a friend and artist I love and respect, whose work I feel is so indicative of moments we all travel throughout our lives. And in the case of Design Spaces, the way that space can be utilized in art and in the home, so that the home in essence can become a kind of art. Kat Lombard-Cook was kind enough to show us not only some of her work but also discuss her art and her evolution from graphics to design to 3D installation, and the relationship between the steps of the journey.



January 14, 2017

I recently walked into one of my favorite stores- Michaels Crafts- and saw they were having a sale on their garden section. Needless to say, I basically went nuts. I had gotten some Air Plants at a beautiful store in my hometown and also had a surplus of corks. The trio of happenings coincided at just the right time. And I imagined this board in my head that was alive... 

I've done a number of pieces with corks prior, usually involving plexiglass and house installations. They look gorgeous coming off of the walls, almost seeming to grow right out of the home with decorative accents like flowers and carefully chosen red and golden corks. 

​But I wanted to try something new, and had a number of corks to play with. I love green spaces, and even though I live in the city I welcomely invite as much calm into my life as I can. Especially in the home. I think it's important to have a way to relax, and providing green- even in subtle ways- is a really helpful way to do that. I also h...

October 24, 2016

"Porches are America's lost rooms."

-Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

Moving into a new apartment in Somerville, Massachusetts the year prior to this, one of the things I was the most excited about was the three season porch attached to the front of the building. I'd never had a porch I was able to use and had always wanted one. A three season porch was even better, because it had so many design opportunities. Initially there was some work to be done but eventually the entire floor would be replaced and a fresh coat of paint to freshen up the area. But it was evident even off the bat that the space had potential as soon as we moved in, so it was worth getting it right.

The first thing I wanted to get started on was the curtains. I felt like the sun was just blasting through the windows, and that we needed some shade. But curtains also make a space feel much more homey as soon as they're up, so I went looking for the right ones.

After some searching I found sets of...

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May 7, 2020

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